About Us


Here at LiveCo. - Don't Just Exist we believe life should be more then just an A – B journey, we believe it should be something special something remarkable and this is what we strive for in all of our products. As a Premium Lifestyle Brand we strongly believe in making every moment memorable, be it traveling across the globe, surfing or just spending time with friends and family we have you covered with our wide range of apparel.

Our Vision for the future of LiveCo. is so much more then an Lifestyle Apparel Brand and with the support of our amazing LVCO family we know we will succeed in these long term goals. Don’t Just Exist, Seize every moment and make it yours no matter what you do strive for greatness as we do with all of our products and campaigns. 

Andrew Taylor, The CEO and Founder, was born and raised in South Auckland. While now residing in Brisbane he has not forgotten his roots and where he came from and the community that he was surrounded with while growing up. Coming from an area that was often portrayed negatively in the media he understands what it is like to be over looked.

From this experience the Vision of LiveCo. was created, while we are currently a Premium Lifestyle Brand we are also building other sources to help the younger community escape these negative views and see that there is so much more within them. Rather then dwelling on the negative dogma that is sometimes portrayed. Andrew believes through LiveCo. we will be able to lift younger individuals up to see their true potential.